Who is Dan Hollings?

Who Is Dan Hollings? The Man Behind The Plan

I say the name Dan Hollings a lot around here. It’s probably because I’m such a big advocate of The Plan (by Dan Hollings)

But that’s not all Dan is known for:

  • He was the marketing strategist behind ‘The Secret’
  • He’s helped Amazon sellers make millions in sales revenue
  • He’s taught over 30,000 students how to market better.

Dan Hollings is an expert on internet strategy, digital marketing, and cryptocurrency trading. Simply put, he knows how to make money. Curious about more? Great!

Now that we’re here, let’s learn more about the man behind ‘The Plan’:

Dan’s Early Life

Dan Hollings was born in Mobile, Alabama. Like most of us, Dan has spent his time doing several different things career-wise:

  • He has taught classical guitar at the University of Illinois.
  • He has spent time selling and teaching others about real estate.
  • He has worked in the flea market industry as well.

But worlds soon collided. As the advent of the Internet, Apple computers, and Amazon grew, Dan Hollings became one of the most prolific marketing experts and Amazon sellers in the industry. Even more recently, Dan has taken on the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs. He’s sharing his knowledge with the world — but more on that later. 

Dan Hollings and The Secret

You probably remember The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It’s one of the most well-recognized books of the past 20 years. How did it become such a viral sensation? Dan Hollings.

First, let’s do a quick recap: The Secret was both a book and a movie that came out in 2007. Since then, it’s sold over 30 million copies and has been translated into 50 different languages. The Secret mainly discusses the law of attraction — you’ve probably heard of it before. It’s the idea that by focusing on what you want in life, you’ll draw it towards you.

How did this idea enter the public conscience? An ingenious marketing campaign by Dan Hollings. It started with a captivating trailer on the website, followed by an email capture CTA (Call to Action). As more people saw the trailer, more signed up to hear about its release date.

While they were waiting, people shared the trailer with their friends. Dan Hollings was building organic virality before we even knew what it was. This campaign has gone down in history as “the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done.”

Dan Hollings and Amazon

Hollings was one of the first marketers to realize the power of Amazon. That’s why his products for Amazon sellers have been so popular and successful. Under Dan’s AmazoWorks program…

  • 84% of clients have become profitable.
  • 68% of clients make over $25,000 a month.
  • 92% of clients refer other people they know.

With AmazoWorks, Dan helps Amazon sellers turn the platform into a money machine. They offer competitive analysis, product opportunity evaluation, keyword research, brand optimization, and product launches.

But that’s not all. Dan also helps Amazon sellers 1-on-1 through his AmazoCoach and AmazoElite training programs. With Dan’s help, people have scaled their Amazon earnings into million-dollar deals.

Dan Hollings and The Plan

Most recently, Dan has brought his expertise in coaching to the world of cryptocurrency. First, let’s get a quick refresher on what crypto is.

Cryptocurrency is digital money. You use it to:

  • Buy and sell goods.
  • Keep records.
  • Grow your investments.

Thousands of cryptocurrencies trade on exchanges. By making the correct picks, you can generate passive income every day with crypto investments. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

Dan has spent three years and millions of dollars perfecting The Plan. It’s a trading strategy that takes advantage of crypto market volatility. As a student of The Plan, you get access to an exclusive training program on investing in crypto and making money in your sleep. As a primer, let’s go over what Dan has built with The Plan. 

We all know that crypto markets move. We simply don’t know in which direction. At any given time, the value of a coin may rise or fall — that much is certain.

The Plan helps us capitalize on this wiggle. If you buy a coin whenever it’s down and sell it when it’s high, you’ll make a profit. In The Plan training program, you’ll learn how to automate this process with crypto trading bots. These are little bits of crypto code that make your trades for you.

Make the correct picks, set, and forget. That’s how easy The Plan makes it to profit using crypto.

How did The Plan come into being?

Start Training With Dan Hollings’ The Plan Today

The Plan by Dan Hollings is not an investment fund. It’s not a mining pool, and they don’t touch your cryptocurrency in any way. It’s simply a trading strategy you can use if you’d like.

The Plan has been tested now by thousands of students, all of whom have generated thousands in passive income. Regardless of your experience with crypto, you’ll see results if you follow The Plan to a tee. As always, make sure to talk to your financial advisor before making any big decisions. 

Still want to learn more? Get all the information about The Plan here! If you’re more curious about cryptocurrency as a whole, we have resources for that as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HODL trading?

HODL is a deliberate misspelling of ‘hold.’ It’s a popular term among investors that means holding an investment long-term. This idea has gained even more attention in the crypto world, as some investors own coins despite market volatility. For safer investors, HODLing is the best use of your money.

What is FUD in crypto?

FUD stands for fear, uncertainty, and doubt. These ideas and feelings are prevalent in the cryptocurrency space since the markets can be so volatile. Whether the market goes up or down, you can make/lose a million dollars in an instant. For this reason, media fear-mongering and Twitter pundits have been known to impact cryptocurrency prices.

What is crypto staking?

Crypto staking lets you turn your cryptocurrency assets into money-makers. Many blockchains work through a proof-of-stake method. This means they use cryptocurrency to approve transactions on the chain. When you let the blockchain operate using your crypto, you’ll earn a percentage reward on it over time.

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