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Why Women Excel in the World of Crypto Investments

When I was in my teens, my dad gave me a long lecture about cursing. Now, on its surface, this wouldn’t necessarily be that extreme of a demand for a loving father to implement on their child. However, it was his argument that was problematic.

“Cursing isn’t for women. It’s very unlady-like and a man won’t be attracted to you if you have a potty mouth.” 

Now, mind you, this man had the mouth of a drunken sailor. It wasn’t that he was against bad words. It was that he was against females using the exact same verbiage he threw around like grains in a chicken coop. 

While this might sound like a trivial thing to focus on, it certainly gave me insight into a world in which women and men were held to different standards. And the buck certainly didn’t stop there. And of course, these preconceived notions of what women can or can’t do apply to many aspects of our lives, including our financial stability.

There is no doubt we are living in a time in which the world is changing at such massive speeds – it feels impossible to keep up. While the tech industry is continually introducing new innovations, barbaric double-standards like gender disparity and disadvantages still rear their ugly heads. Some parts of society haven’t caught up with 21st-century, and the financial technology industry is no stranger to male dominance. 

The Global Gender Gap Index survey by the World Economic Forum revealed that women don’t have equal access to financial services in nearly 40% of the 149 countries. That’s around 60 countries! How can women prepare for financial independence when they don’t have access to essential financial services? In arguably one of the most feminist-driven, progressive period of our time, there are still countries subject to income limitations. Fortunately, new financial technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain are game-changers that open the market to investors from all walks of life – especially people born with ovaries. 

Women Are Interested In Investing, but Sometimes We are Limited in Resources

Most women do not play predominant roles in the financial sector, but that doesn’t mean we are not interested. According to Fintech Magazine, women only account for 9% of Bitcoin transactions. A recent poll showed that over 41% of women intended to purchase over 1,000 Euros worth of cryptocurrency within the next 12 months but were intimidated. One of the primary reasons was a lack of knowledge or expertise on the subject. 93% of women are open to cryptocurrency investments so long as they are educated fully on the subject. This data means that women want to know the science behind cryptocurrency prior to jumping in. You know, kind of like when we want to know what a man’s sexual history is before jumping into bed with him. 

An investigation released by eToro – a popular trading platform – revealed that women Bitcoin traders were only at around 15%. However, within the same survey, the company reported that women joined the site at a 366% rate, signifying growing interest in cryptocurrency faster than men. These rising numbers could signify that, while women tend to be more cautious with their  money, they are educating themselves at higher rates, feeling more comfortable with what used to be enigmatic means of income. 

Innately speaking, men tend to be gamblers whereas women are oftentimes more conservative. However, the caveat to this generalization is that, once a woman feels she understands the full scope of how something like crypto works, she dives right in with confidence. 

There is an opportunity for women to learn more about investments and prove that gender is not a limiting factor for investment success and financial freedom.  Dan Hollings has recently launched a “beginner friendly” crypto trading training which can help improve the returns on any passive crypto investment.

Women Prefer Cryptocurrency Trading Over Stock Market Trading

Contrary to popular belief, women are not beginners in trading and cryptocurrency. Remarkably, more and more women are working in the finance and financial technology sector to improve and innovate transaction speeds, create more features, and work on blockchain legislation. Women rock and we foresee a lot more women following in their footsteps. Potty mouths and all!

Research reveals that women and people of color prefer cryptocurrency investments over other investment options like real estate and the stock market. A study on cryptocurrency interest by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago reported the following notable figures:

  • 44% of cryptocurrency traders were non-white.
  • 41% of cryptocurrency traders were women.
  • 61% of investors started within the last six months.

Angela Fontes, Economics, Justice, and Society department Vice President, said that cryptocurrency has opened up investment opportunities for diverse investors. The vital part of sustaining interest is accessible information so that they will make sound investment decisions.

In other words, women aren’t going to go up to the craps tables on just a whim. They’re going to feel things out before gambling any of their hard-earned cash. 

Why Women are Better Crypto Investors 

Statistically speaking, there are fewer women investors because of several factors. However, women can be excellent in Fintech investments due to several behavioral and financial considerations. Countless opportunities are available as cryptocurrency gains ground as a viable investment platform.

There are four main reasons why women may make better cryptocurrency investment than their male counterparts:

1. While Women Don’t Usually HAVE More Money, They Save More Money

A study by Fidelity revealed that women save more than men do at every salary level. Women saved 9% of their paychecks in workplace retirement accounts compared to 8.6% of men, annually. Outside of workplace savings, women added a 12.4% average to their account balance compared to the 11.6% from men.

The women allocating higher funds toward savings indicate that they have a portion of their earnings with investment potential. Portfolio diversification is a good way for women to expand their retirement funds and ensure a safety net.

2. Women Tend To Have Less Debt

Women treat their credit scores more seriously because they understand the importance of interest. According to Experian, women have a collective average debt amount around 18% lesser than men. In the same study, the company found that women are more likely to borrow money during hardships, while men are okay with accruing debt for luxury purposes.

Women (stereotypically) prioritize needs over wants because they put their safety, security, and family first. Therefore, they have more money to spare for long-term goals and financial security as opposed to casual and short-term commitments. This trait makes women good cryptocurrency investors because the crypto market is volatile. (A little more on this below).

3. Women Have a Tendency to Take on Less Risk and Study Before Investing

As investors, women are more focused on life goals and less prone to risky investments. They often associate money with independence and security, which means they will continually research and double-check the long-term viability of their finances.

Lesser risk implies that women tend to prioritize gain over uncertainty. This trait makes women excellent crypto investors because they will know how to utilize stop-loss with reduced risk.

4. Women are More Patient

Men are 35% more likely to trade, and they have made 55% more trades than their female counterparts in 2016. These figures reveal that women often take a more long-term approach to their investments and treat them like exponentially-growing savings. They are marathon runners, not sprinters. 

Patience is one of the many important traits that women can use to their advantage when dealing with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and altcoin prices fluctuate rapidly, So being able to take advantage of those fluctuations is a skill which all women should learn.

Luckily, Dan Hollings (the “guru” behind the phenomenon “The Secret”) has recently published a training course which teaches just that – to find out more, click HERE

5. Women Can Get Sh** Done

Of course, this article is in no way meant to bash men. Plenty of men have found great success in their crypto investments and should be commended for their accomplishments. But here’s the thing about women – We learn. We soak it all in. We dive deep and get to the source of the truth. Have you ever seen a woman scorned by a lover she thinks is cheating? Trust me: you won’t find a professional detective as savvy as she is. Women have a tendency to analyze, review, compare, inform, and learn as much as she can before making a big decision. And that’s what is great about us starting to lead the forefront in crypto trading and investment. 

Final Thoughts

The growing financial technology sector has potential and room for development as more companies innovate and advance new coins and financial solutions. Women in the modern world have limitless economic growth and independence options – including cryptocurrency investments for retirement. More altcoins will surface and present women with endless earning potential. Or, at least, provide a passive means of income.

And until then, they will remain the strong-willed, classy, foul-mouthed warriors they need to be to show their male counterparts that they can do ANYTHING.

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